Every educator needs to believe in the following cliché…” Work smart, not hard.”

Now how does social bookmarking come into play? Well, as a die-hard muxway (this name is not sexy at all!) ….no, del.icio.us…. no, I mean delicious.com user since its inception in 2003, I cannot imagine how I would capture and retrieve such great websites links over many years and many computers.

If social bookmarking and delicious is new to you, let me share with you the benefits that I am enjoying.

1. Retrieve my plethora of web favorites/bookmarks from any computer (yes, even at school! delicious.com is NOT block by my districts web filter!)

2. Find other users such as educators, and browse their nifty links; and then save them as my own!

3. Organization of websites via tags (tags is a web2.0 concept making the magic of social bookmarking to occur.)

4. Subscribe to specific tags to discover new web links

In a research paper by Gabriela Grosseck titled Using del.icio.us In Education goes more in depth on my topic. I must say that there are other online social bookmarking resources out there, however I highly recommend delicious.

Yes, I have been teased by other educators when referring them to find specific weblinks from delicious, however when they find what they need, they get past the name.