Yes I must admit. I love my BlackBerry smartphone (and apparently so does President-Elect Obama.)

I current own a BB Curve (fiening for the new Bold.) I have found many uses for my phone. I have listed my top 5 reasons continue my BB usage…

1. twitterberry
2. image capturing w/decent quality
3. crime deterrant
4. access to work & personal email (using qwerty keypad)
5. on-the-fly gps

Yes, my list is very simple. However right now, the only feature that I am missing is the video recording capabilities which the Bold currently provides. I don’t need or use the MP3 functionality my BB has, because that is what my 30GB video iPod is for.

Before I laid my hands on the BB, I was dying for an iPhone. When the madness surged and problems arose, I diverted over to the BB. I have been thumbing my qwerty keyboard to death ever since. I can honestly say that I tried the iPhone touch screen keyboard, but.. ah ah… no go…

I can’t imaging trying to swiftly kick out a tweet at a stop light or replying to an email while driving on an iPhone. Not that I’ve tried or done that, but you get my point.

Sorry for going a little off topic but…RIM, my question to you is, why try to compete in the touch screen market? If so, keep the qwerty keypad! IMHO, the BB Storm will fail miserably. Before its launch, the Storm has already been put through the ringer per this article.

Oh well.. one day, I will look forward and share with you how much I enjoy my BB Bold (unless Apple releases an iPhone with a qwerty keypad!!!)