This post is in tribute to Blog Action Day. As an educator in a school that is affected by poverty, I do not believe that the community-at-large understands what is needed to defeat this problem. However, may I ask the question….is poverty really a problem? If it is a problem, logically there exist a solution. Poverty has been around for many years, and has taken toll on many generations of people. So, does poverty today exist as a culture, curse, all or none of the above? 

The students that I see on a daily basis come to school with many needs. Their needs may vary but all are great. The federal government through NCLB support schools like mine through Title I funding. I am not going to talk much about that because if you would like details on how disadvantaged urban youth are benefitting from this funding, ask any educator in a Title I school, they will let you know.

In my humble opinion, I believe that education is definately the key, path, direction, main objective, requirement, necessity, essential element, momental goal, or whatever you want to call it, you need it in our society to elevate oneself. Elevate from what? Bad decisions, wrong choices, misdirection, etc…

However, poverty is not a dead end as many believe. As it is shared in the teaching philosoply of Quantum Learning, Failure leads to success. The children at my high poverty-stricken school have received this key to success and are living it. Success helps to eliminate poverty. My question to you, is what have you done lately to help someone affected by poverty feel success, and be successful…If so, you must be an educator. May God continue to bless you!