Yes… I have enrolled myself in the Whiteboard Challenge provided by Jess McCulloch and company. I am going to go through the each of the challenges to see if it is that and if this is a resource that I can refer other teachers to experience rigorous professional development in using their interactive white boards at my school.

WB Challenge #1

I first had to think how could I use recorded sound effectively as a math teacher. I started to create a spelling test, or vocabulary matching review. Boring… However I recalled a Mental math activity that would be most effective using the recorded sound.

I created the mp3 recordings using Audacity and then dragged and dropped the files to the gallery. From there, I placed the individual gallery items into the notebook area as demonstrated above. Then I added text to complete the finishing touches. This activity worked very well with the SmartBoard. I am excited to share this activity with my fellow math teachers. I will later use this activity to create more mental math activities and vocabulary matching quizzes.


Notebook file